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Are you looking to complete your family? Maybe find your next adventure buddy or brewery +1? See below for more information regarding our adoption process!


View our adoptable animals below


We love the fact that we are a foster-based rescue.


Many of our animals come from incredibly humble beginnings, and the shelter setting prior to joining our network may be their only experience "inside". Often, rescued animals are dumped, born stray, and may initially lack the basic needs we look forward to providing our pets. The end goal, and our mission, is to place our animals into forever, loving homes, that will meet all the needs (and more) our pups may have yet to experience. 


 We keep close contact with our fosters and value their input into each of our animals' needs. We put our animals first when it comes to their placement. Completing an application to adopt does not promise you a pup, we want adoptions to be a match for all.


If you see an animal you are interested in, the first step would be to APPLY! Then, let your vet office/references/landlords know that we'll be in touch! A dog's bio is accessible on our Adopt A Pet website and Facebook page!


Questions about the dog? Email the coordinator located in the listing! Our volunteer coordinators will do their best to respond promptly(we do have other jobs so please be patient).



Complete the Adoption Application

  • Submit an application for the animal you wish to adopt.

  • Call your Vet office and notify references that BWDR will be in touch.

  • Other pets must be current on vaccines

Speak with the Adoption Coordinator

  • The adoption coordinator will connect with you regarding your application review.

  • Learn more about the animal you are interested in.

  • If it seems like a match, you will be connected with the foster family.

Adoption Meeting and Finalization

  • Work with the foster and adoption coordinator to plan a meeting.

  • Review and submit Adoption Contract and Adoption donation

  • Take your new rescue pet home!



Dog or puppy under 1 year: $575

Dog over 1 year : $500

Senior Dog: $400


Cat or Kitten under 1 year: $275

2 Kittens together: $500

Cat over 1 year: $200

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