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surrender your pet

Surrendering a family pet is never an easy decision to come to. Big Wave Dog Rescue Inc. wants to support families and in-state animals who need a new start. 


Surrendered animals become a part of our rescue network. They will be matched with a foster family whom they'll live with as they await a new path to adoption. 

surrender process

Step 1- Talk with your family and consider seeking out a trainer/behaviorist before deciding on surrendering.

Step 2- Complete the Surrender Request Form if you'd like Big Wave Dog Rescue Inc. to see about taking in your pet. You will need a separate application for each pet (dog or cat) if you are requesting we take in more than one.

Step 3- You will need to ensure that your application is thorough and that the requested photos and veterinary information is emailed to us at .

Step 4- A member of our team will reach out to assist you. Perhaps we can provide resources to help keep everyone together. If not, we will be able to talk further and sincerely consider our ability to take over the care of your pup. We may have to request a behavioral assessment depending on the situation.

Step 5- If we can take in your pup, you will need to ensure that your pet is up to date in vetting, and have a negative fecal exam, and heartworm test.

Step 6- You will be placed on a waiting list, and as fosters free up, we can coordinate a plan to take over the care of your pup. 

Step 7- Our surrender fee is $75. 

send vetting or additional files to: 

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